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Monday, September 26, 2011

The Hellwigs Have Gone Green!

Posted by Gabrielle

And no, we haven't found any more particularly economical ways to do things, but we have gone green with...paint! Last November, we painted the dining room, and the kitchen has needed it badly too, so, a couple weeks ago, while Timothy was on our church's Civil War history tour, we painted the kitchen in three days.

This is the kitchen before,

 and the breakfast nook before. Pretty plain, isn't it?

Painting Day 1

Yours truly, taping the ceiling. Actually, being up on the ladder was my favorite part beside the actual painting. 

Tobias, a happy helper

The kitchen and breakfast nook after the first coat of paint

After the second coat of paint and removal of the tape. The shade of green varies with the lighting at any given time.

Christianna's Creative Creations - a tape ball with the tape removed from the walls and ceiling

This may be how the Hellwigs decorate for parties, but it's also a clue to our next big event...more coming soon!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Someone Turned 4!

Posted by Gabrielle

On July 20th, Benaiah turned 4! Per his request, we had a big birthday dinner, complete with his chosen menu of croissants, meatballs, fruit salad, pie, and lots more!

Someone is ready for dinner!

Being silly with Timothy

Earlier, he had stated that "this time, he would not cry." That didn't last long!

We tried again, and this time, we got a handsome smile!

And his favorite present was...

His tri-cornered hat! He wears it everywhere (even out to farmer's market this morning!)

Happy Birthday Benaiah!!!