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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Love my Little Brothers who Keep us Laughing!

Posted by Gabrielle

It appears Benaiah is listening as Daddy reads C.S. Lewis' Space Trilogy to us in the evenings because as we were discussing the other day who we should have over for Thanksgiving, he pipes up, "Let's have the Sorns for Thanksgiving!" We think he meant the Horns, a family at our church, but we all enjoy a good laugh whenever it is mentioned.

On Etsy, the online shop community which I sell on, the guidelines for classifying vintage is that the item must be 20 years old or older. Elliot, with this in mind, remarked to me yesterday, "In two more years, you'll be vintage!" :) Hmm...yes, time definitely has flown, but I didn't realize it had gone that fast!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Benaiah's Christmas Wish-List

Posted by Gabrielle

Last night, at the dinner table, Benaiah solemnly declared what he would like for Christmas and why. :)

Benaiah: "Maybe for Christmas we will all get calculators from Mommy and Daddy."

Mommy: "And what would you do with a calculator?"

Benaiah: "I will put some paper in it and write on it and write a letter to Lise." (His new friend he made on the Washington Tour and met again at the wedding.)

I think we'd be better off getting him a pad of drawing paper and a new box of crayons, don't you think? :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Pictures from the Wedding

Posted by Gabrielle

A couple weeks ago, we were privileged to witness the wedding of Taylor and Blair, a young couple at our church. It will be exciting to see how God works through them for His kingdom. Here are a few pictures!

 Taylor and Blair, the sweet newlyweds, at the reception

Mommy and Benaiah before the ceremony

Benaiah and his beloved Lise. He first met her on the Washington Tour and talked for days before the wedding about meeting her again. Here they are looking at a book together.

Showering the new couple with rice as they leave!

Family Portraits

Posted by Gabrielle

Last Friday, we met at the Brown's Barn with one of my sweet friends, Anna-Rebekah O. for our annual family portraits. We gave her an opportunity to practice her amazing photography skills and all had a wonderful time together. Below is a sneak peak of the group and individual portraits we too. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Picnic Lunch

Posted by Gabrielle

Today was a beautiful, sunny day and, since Daddy was away during lunch, we decided to have a picnic, something we have not done for several years. In fact, Benaiah has never enjoyed a picnic.

It could not have been called hot at all, but two protested the sun beating down upon their heads. They donned parasols and cheerfully resumed their eating.

Benaiah enjoying his muffin

Elliot, finally deciding that an umbrella did not work, donned a shopping bag...

That is until it grew too stifling for him and he wore it as a backpack and was tickled with a weed.
Arianne, however, enjoyed her parasol with no complaints.

Frick and Frack

Timothy spent time awing Elliot by his ability to lean back in the chair resting on its back two legs (this is him departing when I pointed the camera at him). It was only because he had legs long enough to remain firm on the ground while the chair's were in the air.

However, when Elliot tried it, he time and time again, good-naturedly found short legs to his disadvantage. :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

My New Blog!

Posted by Gabrielle

For some time now, I've been wanting to post more about my sewing and crafting and what I've been up to in those realms, and yes, while it is definitely related to the family, posts like that just didn't seem to belong on our family blog.

So, I've started a new blog for my sewing or whatever crafting I happen to be doing. I also plan on linking it with my etsy shop to host giveaways and ramble on about my latest projects. :)

Timothy and I are still ironing out a few technical kinks, but it is 'post-able' and readable now, so if you have a moment, please do stop by and visit Legend of a Seamstress! I'd love to have you drop a comment or follow the blog! And if you, as my readers, have any suggestions for posts you'd love to see, or how the look and feel of the blog can be improved, please do drop me a note in the comments. I'd love to hear from you!

And yes, I will still be blogging here at Hellwig Family Blog! That, at least, will not change! :)

Blessings on your day!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

We Know Summer is Past...

Posted by Gabrielle

When we wake up to frost on the ground...

and on the cars!

We're enjoying the beautiful autumn colors right now, so I'll post some pictures soon!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We Said Farewell...

Posted by Gabrielle

To our faithful Dodge van of nine years this morning. It has served us faithfully for nine years, but it has been rusting out and has had a number of major problems that would be very expensive to fix. This was even the van I first learned to drive. Though it was sad to see it go, it was time. At least it is going to a salvage yard where its seats, fuel pump and computer can be sold for another Dodge van. For now, we'll be living with one van and waiting to see what else the Lord will give us.