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Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Picnic Lunch

Posted by Gabrielle

Today was a beautiful, sunny day and, since Daddy was away during lunch, we decided to have a picnic, something we have not done for several years. In fact, Benaiah has never enjoyed a picnic.

It could not have been called hot at all, but two protested the sun beating down upon their heads. They donned parasols and cheerfully resumed their eating.

Benaiah enjoying his muffin

Elliot, finally deciding that an umbrella did not work, donned a shopping bag...

That is until it grew too stifling for him and he wore it as a backpack and was tickled with a weed.
Arianne, however, enjoyed her parasol with no complaints.

Frick and Frack

Timothy spent time awing Elliot by his ability to lean back in the chair resting on its back two legs (this is him departing when I pointed the camera at him). It was only because he had legs long enough to remain firm on the ground while the chair's were in the air.

However, when Elliot tried it, he time and time again, good-naturedly found short legs to his disadvantage. :)

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Elaine J. Dalton said...

I wish we did picnics sometimes; they look like fun!! Your brothers look like they enjoyed themselves. ;) Love you!!