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Sunday, December 28, 2014

End of the Year... already!

by Mama H.

December is fast coming to a close and I can't stand it!  Okay, I can't "sit" it either, as sitting is killing me these days.

To watch the calendar page flip wildly by, my children grow up and the dust bunnies take over is sometimes overwhelming to me.  To see a world of people made in the image of God shake a fist at Him, ignore Him, or make Him into its own image almost crushes me.   Almost.  Because the Lord has promised that, as children of God, His very own earthen vessels fragile as we are, we can never be crushed.  Afflicted in every way, yes.  Crushed, no.

I could almost be driven to despair when I see loved ones destroying themselves, taking the way well traveled by those who have no regard for God.  But instead, the Lord only allows me to be perplexed.

When I have felt as though all are against me, like I'm all alone, misunderstood, slandered, imputed with evil or incorrect motives, left out, persecuted?  Well, I suppose those things could qualify as persecution in a tiny way, but I really do not feel persecuted... not in this country.  Not yet. But I know I'm not forsaken.  God is with me.  He has promised His nearness and I feel it keenly.

God is faithful.   The evidence of this is everywhere.  He sustains every mitochondrion in each cell of each blade of grass on each lawn, field or meadow all over the world.  Every cell in our bodies, each chemical reaction, every twist of our DNA, each electrical impulse that passes through the brain, nerves, and system of our physical selves is appointed, directed, ordained by a loving Father, a Mind unfathomable.

Each grain of sand on all the shores all over the earth, unique in its color, shape and composition, has been crafted for His glory, and our discovery.

Everything in nature cries "Glory!"

So why don't we?

Don't we "believe?"  Then let us speak!

Yes, the new 2015 calendar is resting on my table, ready to replace the 2014 one on my fridge.  The pens are ready to scribble in the appointed dates, meetings, events. I am looking forward to a new year of joys, heartache, misunderstandings, apathy, encouraging books, deeper friendships, pain....
But all these things cry "Glory!" as well.  These are the divine appointments where we meet God, look Him in the face and either shrink back and pout, continue on the way we have always gone, not allowing us to be changed, or declare with the Heavens, "I trust you!  You are faithful!  You have loved me with an everlasting love, and I will not let You go.  I will hold fast to You, and cry 'Glory!'"

My word for this year is "Glory!"  May Christ be glorified in me.  Yes, I swallow hard when I say this, because I know what may come.  But I also know what kind of God I serve.

Join with me in 2015 in telling others about our glorious God, our kind and merciful Savior, of the patient, persistent Spirit who leads and quietly encourages.  May we tell with our lives by living in separate-ness, but also by engaging all about us fully and telling our praises with our lips.

Soli Deo Gloria!