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Monday, December 12, 2016

How Quickly Fly the Years

Cliche? Yes.  But true, nonetheless.  Time does make itself wings, and it seems that, the older I get, the faster time flees... an acceleration of years, as it were, though 20 years ago feels quite like last week.  And then, just like that, they're grown, these precious children.


And in just a few days....   

Ready to launch...
   God is good!

Preparing for a Very Big Day....

The countdown begins....
6 days....
and my daughter becomes a Mrs......
Brian and Arianne

Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Annual Photos

post by Mama H.

What is the end of the year without the annual family pictures?  ("More relaxing!" chime in more than one family member, no doubt!)

The very last picture taken, under protest and amid many sighs and complaints, was the one that made the cut!
A very special one indeed, as our last family photo before Arianne marries her best friend Brian, on December 18th.

Amid all the preparations, it is good to remember the kindnesses of God in having brought us this far.  He will never desert us, or forsake us.  His mercies flow in every morning, noon and night, and His perfection make us hope and long for the day when all wrongs will be made right, when all the tears will be wiped away, and He is acknowledged by all as King of kings and Lord of lords.

We're not too sure we'll be posting again this year, with a wedding in 2 weeks.... but, then again, one never knows!