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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Christianna is going to Nationals....by God's Grace

posted by : Mama H.

Last night, the results came in!
May this Mama boast a bit?  Yes, but only in the glory and kindness of Christ!

On August 23rd, Christianna and Jedidiah sat for the National Bible Bee test in Apex, at a host site where we had attended sermons on the book of Jonah, and where they had practiced with a mock test 2 weeks before.

Grateful for the experience, they had studied Jonah and memorized many passages for 10 weeks before.
Hebrew and Greek words, theology, inductive study, cross-references....all this and plenty of word-perfect recitations had filled their days.

On the 23rd, Christianna placed first in her division (Senior) and Jedidiah successfully completed the course in his division (Junior)

But the nagging question was this:  was placing first in a local competition enough to qualify her for one of the 120 spots eligible for the Nationals?  That question was answered last night: yes!  She came in 1st in NC and 45 in the country!

Christianna is overwhelmed with gratitude at the opportunity to travel to FL in October to participate in the National Bible Bee Competition, especially since a friend she's communicated with for a while will be there too.

If you would, please pray for Christianna as she prepares to study the book of Nahum and memorize 200 passages of Scripture(750 verses), in just 8 weeks!  And keep up with her regular work here at home as she begins wrapping up high school work, directs a children's choir, and progresses with her music studies.  She desires to do this with a joyful heart, free from pride .... a tall order for any of us.

But nothing is impossible for God.  I am grateful she is trusting Him to bring this about.  To God be the glory!