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Monday, August 24, 2015

A Museum Outing

post by Mommy

Several days ago, Arianne took Benaiah out to the Science and Natural History Museum in Raleigh.  It was a gift from her to him for his 8th birthday.

                                                  Looks like they had an enjoyable time!

 They've got the whole world.... at their backs!

Benaiah really enjoyed the stuffed rodents!  Definitely a "boy" thing.  He couldn't stop talking about this experience when he came home.

 And to pose with a brontosaurus .... it hardly gets better for an 8-year-old boy!

Look!  A two-legged bug wearing shorts and sneakers!  And I had always learned that insects had 6 legs!

   Inside a "tree"....

And what's a museum outing on a hot summer's day without.... ice cream?  Not quite as tasty as when enjoying a cone on a bear's back!

Fun times for brother and sister.

Thanks Arianne... Benaiah really enjoyed his time with you, while the older children hiked Grandfather Mountain with Daddy!

And I, well, I cleaned and organized closets.  Exciting stuff.  Really.  All alone.  In a quiet house for 5 full hours!
                 It was almost surreal.

Next up... hopefully some Grandfather Mountain shots.

We have a new 8-year-old!

 Happy Birthday to my youngest!
Benaiah turned 8 this month and he's loving it!
Timothy had something funny to show us!

Happy Birthday to you.....

Blowing out candle....

Benaiah requested a Rubik's cube for his birthday.  He received one, and shortly afterward philosophized :  A Rubik's cube is much like our heads.  When it's solved, it's like having a clear head.  When it's all jumbled up, it's like being crazy and not knowing what we're talking about.

Wise observations for one so young.  May we all have solved cubes!  ;-)