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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

gas line.

written by Elliot.
For the past week we have been getting a gas line run to our house because natural gas is cheaper than propane.

 expert ditch digger.
digging up our  front lawn.
digging a ditch to our house to connect the gas to it.

and  the gas company  found so many rocks that they had to bring in a rock hammer and smash all the  rock.
rock hammer.

 And then they had to cut out a strip of our driveway to get out all the rocks so that they would not crush the pipe.

there was a lot of choking dust.

it was very hazy(hard to get a good picture).
digging it up.
halfway there.
nice chasm there..

                                                 And soon they will fill it up back with cement.
now they are laying the pipe.
and now they are filling the driveway back up with cement.
    a cement layer who knows what he is doing.
nice new strip.
                                       The cement has to dry for at least a week, so we will will have to drive on the grass to get out.                                                           

           It took them about two weeks for them to finish the job because of rain, and they had to wait for the right equipment.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Conversation Between Brothers

posted by Mommy H.

Yesterday the following exchange was reported to me by a bystander-sibling:

Elliot: Benaiah, I'll buy your parrot for $5!
(This is a stuffed toy parrot)
Benaiah: Well, no. I have $25!
Elliot: I have $100, but I'll give you 5 and then you'll have more.
Benaiah : No. I want to be content with what I have.

The 4-year-old offers us all a lesson on contentment.