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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Benaiah's First Solid Food!

Posted by Gabrielle

Today we fed Benaiah his first solid food, egg yolk and milk. He didn't make any 'yuck' faces like some of us others did; he liked it.

After his first spoonful he wasn't quite sure about it yet. "This is something I haven't tasted yet."
And now, he gets frantic for more while Mommy is trying to clean his face from the previous spoonful. The first few times, more of it got on his bib and face than into his mouth.
Now he definitely likes it, big smiles all around.
And more big smiles; he loved it and I think he liked the attention too.

1 comment:

Mark said...

Ah, how cute!

I do hope I'll be able to meet this little guy. You sure you don't want to visit NH???