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Monday, February 4, 2008

An Afternoon Outside

Posted by Gabrielle

This past Sunday afternoon was such a beautiful day. At church we spent the time following the service and lunch playing outside with our numerous young friends and when we came home it was impossible resist the call of balmy afternoon by staying indoors. So most of us repaired to our backyard and after experimenting with different forms of amusement we settled upon the following and what ensued was a fun-filled remainder of the afternoon spiced with much laughter.

What can you do with a tall stump and a thick, sturdy branch? Why a see-saw of course! Albeit a tipsy one. (Left to Right: Timothy, Jedidiah, Tobias and Christianna) Tobias and Christianna are still learning to keep their balance.
Wheee! What a ride for Timothy! Actually Elliot took this picture so Christianna, Jedidiah, Tobias and I were the weights on the other end. And yes, the house in the top right corner is the back of our house.
Left to Right: me(Gabrielle), Christianna, Tobias, Jedidiah and Timothy. Timothy was able to lift up the rest of us, because he was farther away from the stump than we were.(the good old lever arm effect!)
We're looking forward to many more fun afternoons outside as spring approaches!

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Mark Sohmer said...

It's been freezing rain and snow on and off for the past few days around here.

I think I like your neck of the woods A LOT better!!! :)

Enjoy the weather and your beautiful family!