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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

Posted by Gabrielle

This was our second memorial day picnic at the Brown's farm. In preparation for the day we were working on matching colonial dresses for we girls and ...

here they are!
Benaiah and big-brother Timothy!

It is wonderful to have a day set aside to honor the veterans of WW2 who so willingly risked their lives for our freedom. We listened to speeches by several of the veterans recounting some of their experiences and lessons learned.
Also, there was an interview conducted by Scott Brown, one of the elders of our church, Doug Philips of Vision Forum and three of the Iwo Jima veterans, one being Mr. Brown's father, Bill Brown. All three had wonderful stories and experiences to share.

And we look forward to many more wonderful days of remembrance in the years to come!

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