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Monday, September 22, 2008

Sunday Afternoon at the Clayton's!

Posted by Gabrielle

We enjoyed spending this past Sunday afternoon with our dear friends, the Claytons. Thank you Claytons for the delicious lunch of lasagna, green beans and apple pie!
Yes, we did fit all 12 of us around the table together!
Mr. Clayton giving Timothy and me a demonstration of Creation/Evolution lecture he did
Mr. Clayton and Timothy deep in discussion

For a break between lunch and dessert we played croquet on the lawn across the street from the house. We enjoyed learning a new game.
Timothy, triumphant after a good hit
Elliot got tired of it halfway through so I finished up his game
The two croquet ladies, Christianna and Arianne
I love the way this one turned out with the flow of Christie's skirt :)
Elliot and Mr. Clayton 'reviewing the situation'
Jeddy, watching from the sidelines
Toby was cute trying to play it like the rest of us
Our happy group on the field!
Several years ago we memorized the whole book of James and Christianna recited James 1 for us
Jedidiah recited a passage that we learned in church earlier, Malachi 4: 4-6
Arianne recited a family favorite, Psalm 19
Toby (with a little coaching from Mommy) recited Psalm 23
Elliot read Deuteronomy 6: 1-9
Timothy and I gave a Creation/Evolution debate presentation. You can read the script here.
Mr. and Mrs. Clayton
This picture of Mrs. Clayton and Jeddy is just too precious!

Thank you so much Claytons for your hospitality! We will be remembering this afternoon together for a long time!

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