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Friday, May 15, 2009

Growing Caterpillars?

Posted by Gabrielle

As odd as it may sound, we do have 'caterpillars' growing in our yard. We had them on our NH property but hadn't seen them here for a while and I had forgotten about them. Consequently I was at first a little confused when I overheard the boys telling Mommy that we had caterpillars growing here too. This morning, the younger boys and I went out to take a look at them.
Elliot giving us a closeup view of a 'caterpillar'
Jedidiah, Tobias and Elliot gathering caterpillars
Upon an inquiry of what they should do with them, I suggested they use a tree to build a caterpillar colony. So here they are setting it up.
It was very creative; they had caterpillars sitting around a little table of green weeds, and caterpillars carrying along a leaf, swarming up the tree-trunk, resting on the leaves of the vine and hiding under the bark.
We watched this cute little lizard for a while.
Tobias and Jedidiah pointing out all the caterpillars they hid so I could 'take a picture of all of them'.

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