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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Our Smoky Mountain Trip - Day 3

Posted by Gabrielle

Our third day!
Tobias and Jedidiah found some buried tent pegs which kept them busy until breakfast. ;)
After breakfast we drove to Laurel Falls. This was just some of the beautiful mountain views on the hike up to the falls.

The beautiful falls

Daddy and Benaiah
Mommy and Daddy
And, our family picture! I'm a bit out-of-focus from giving directions for the camera, but...oh well! ;)
Christianna, Tobias, Daddy, Benaiah, Jedidiah, Timothy and me by the pool.

Playing with 'Beebo'
'Buddy' liked the waterfall, though it was a bit loud!

Then, the younger children were gathering these long boat-shaped leaves and dropping them over the edge of the bridge to watch them sail over the edge of the falls. Here are Christianna and Elliot...
and Tobias and Jedidiah gathering leaves.
Dropping them into the water...
and watching their 'ships' as they sail over the edge.

Umm...yes, that's most of the Hellwig clan on the bridge. ;)

After the falls, we drove to Clingman's Dome, and since it was a clear day, most of the family climbed it again for a second look. Above and following are some of the views. Much better, isn't it? :)

And the fourth day: just driving home! So there aren't any pictures to post from that, but I will try to share some more of the beautiful mountain pictures soon!

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