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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Highlights of our Second Day 'On the Job'

Posted by Gabrielle

Yesterday afternoon, after a full and successful morning of cleaning, three of Mommy's friends from her school days and which she still keeps in touch with came for a visit! We talked for a bit inside and then most of us went for a walk out to the library and walked the grounds for a bit.

Left to right: Mommy, Mrs. Windle, Mrs. Bennett and Mrs. Collyer
Jedidiah, Tobias and Benaiah had fine climbing the huge stone steps of the old library building
My beautiful sister Christianna. :)
Behind the library, there was construction going on and the little boys had fun watching the excavators for a bit.
The old wing of the library had these marvelous domed ceilings and paintings on the walls.

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