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Monday, June 21, 2010

A Morning at Mrs. Claytons'

Posted by Gabrielle

Last Friday, Mrs. Clayton invited us over for the morning, so we spent a wonderful few hours with her! Thank you so much, Mrs. Clayton!

Seeing as she can't reach to dust her chandeliers, Timothy - a.k.a Tall Man - dusted them for her! :)

We walked down to the park to give the little boys some exercise time.

Have you ever waited at the bottom of those long, twisty tube slides and snapped pictures as your subjects came twirling down? I had fun with that. Some were expecting it and some weren't, but that makes it all the funner. Here's my results:

Timothy and Benaiah playing in the sand
Tobias got a slight touch of sun... :)
Mrs. Clayton and Mommy talking

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