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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tree-Felling Excitement

Posted by Gabrielle

Remember the tree struck by lightning a few weeks ago? We finally decided it was time for it to come down. The little boys had a blast watching the men work.

That was amazing! Not too many people can do that.
And this was ingenious! With the danger of breaking the nearby fence and bushes by falling limbs, they simply attached each with a rope on a ring to the cable. The climber then cut the branch and it slid down the cable to the ground.
Chipping the branches into the woods.
And finally, last but not least, the felling of the remaining tree. Not the best shot, as my camera went off a couple seconds too soon, but you get the picture!

The little boys love these adventures, and now their games are revolving around trees and chain saws! :)

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Elaine J. Dalton said...

Cool! Our tree was left standing for like a year then Dad cut it down. Your brothers sound so cute!! :)