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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Life of Washington Tour - Day 2

Posted by Gabrielle

The second day of the Washington tour was a full day, but not as full as the first. The buses dropped us off at the one stop in our area and we walked from place to place that day.

Incidentally, it happened we were dropped off right across from the United States Mint.

Walking along the cobble-stoned streets of Philadelphia to Christ Church

The steeple of Christ Church. This is the church that many of our country's founding fathers attended, and George Washington visited. Benjamin Franklin and Benjamin Rush, contemporaries of Washington, are buried in Christ Church Burying Ground which we visited afterward.

At the Christ Church Burying Ground, Mr. Horn gave a short talk on Benjamin Franklin's life and how he impacted us today, although he was what we would call a secular puritan. Surprisingly, I also learned that he was raised a calvanist and most likely died an unbeliever.
Franklin was responsible for:
  • First battery
  • Almanac
  • Founding the first fire station, library and philosophical society
  • Mile Markers
  • Weekly Postal Delivery
  • Franklin Stove
  • Lightning Rod
Though he was not a believer, we can still learn from his character and life. Franklin was a successful writer and a successful printer because he printed his own writings. Being successful and following our calling in God go hand in hand.
Our next stop was Carpenter's Hall, the location of the first Continental Congress. Washington was a delegate at this convention.
Before we toured the building, Mr. Horn gave a short talk on Washington as a Politician.
(Thank you, Bekah, for the picture!)
Timothy and Benaiah outside Independence Hall

After touring Independence Hall, we visited the Liberty Bell

After visiting the Liberty Bell, we walked to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Washington's Court.
Joshua Horn gave a talk on the hardships that the soldiers endured during the Revolutionary War. It made me appreciate even more the simpler of our luxuries here.

We got back to the hotel around eight and were able to get to bed on time and rest for the next day.

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