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Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Couple Home-Decorating Projects

Posted by Gabrielle

My apologies for this very belated post. These two projects were actually done back in October and November respectively. I've been falling behind on a number of tasks these past couple months, including blogging, so I'll be catching up!

Mommy's wonderful re-upholstery job!

We have four chairs to this set, and all were in this deplorable condition. This needed to be done years ago! So, last October, Mommy undertook the reupholstering of these four chairs.

Jedidiah was a very able and willing helper - sorting staples...

and unscrewing chair seats.

And the result! These chairs are now very comfy with their new foam and a much more pleasing compliment to the rooms of our house which they now grace. The pictures aren't very good, but the fabric is a thick upholstery fabric with yellow, blue, and green stripes.

Painting the dining room!

Painted in November, just before Thanksgiving, the dining room was actually the second room of our house we painted. Earlier in the year, we painted our half-bath for practice. If you've ever been in one of those, imagine those bright blue gas station restrooms. That's how we painted it. Some members of our family are a little skeptical about it, but others are not so eager to repaint.

In this picture, you can see the walls 'before.' Our house is fairly new, so it was all spray painted in contractor white and contractor gray - very drab and, well, gray. :)

And our dining room 'after.' Isn't it a lovely sight to see?!

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