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Friday, November 4, 2011

A Weekend Trip to Tennessee

Posted by Gabrielle

Back in September, (yes, I have quite a bit of catching up to do!), we took a weekend off and went on a lovely little weekend trip to Tennessee. We spent a delightful two days and an evening fellowshiping with friends and enjoying the wonderful rural Tennessee sights. Here are a few pictures from our weekend!

Day 1:

Yours truly, caught in the act of taking pictures at one of our rest stops

My beautiful sister Christianna

Benaiah, 'calling' Timothy at home


Jedidiah and Tobias, 'hanging out' at another rest stop, earlier in the morning. It really was a little chilly!

I love my brother Elliot - he never ceases to keep us amused!

The Hellwig van, and one of its merry occupants!

Christianna reading stories with Anna C. that evening

Thank you Courters for the wonderful dinner and evening of fellowship!

Day 2:
Christianna baking brownies with Anna

2-month-old Nathan - such a sweetie!

After lunch, our friends took us to visit one of their neighbors who are part of the plain clothes people. They are not Amish, but they lived a lot like the Amish, complete with solar power and an outhouse! I wouldn't want to live that way, but it was interesting learning about it. With all the little boys  young men together, they naturally took to feats of daring do on the swing.

And the little boys enjoyed the river and mud bank while the adults talked

 Yep, a good farmer always has his hat and his gun with him!

Day 3:

Tobias (left), Anna C., and Benaiah, with some other young friends at church, investigating a salamander in a hole.

Thank you Courter family for your hospitality and a wonderful weekend!

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