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Monday, January 2, 2012

Visit with Grandpa and Grandma Way!

by Gabrielle

Opa and Oma's visit was not our only visit from our grandparents this past year! We were thrilled that in the middle of October, our adopted Grandparents, Grandpa and Grandma Way, also from California, came out to visit. We drove out 2 hours to meet them at their townhouse on the coast and spend the day with them. I'll let the pictures below tell the story...mostly!

Studying maps and deciding where to go for lunch...

We decided on Southern Barbeque...yummy!

Most of us at lunch

Back at the house, looking at pictures of old time friends

We had homemade date bars and three flavors of ice cream for dessert...it was all delicious, and made even sweeter by the sweet fellowship!

And of course, a family picture on the back porch overlooking the pond

The beautiful sunset on the way home that evening

Thank you for taking the time to spend a day with us, Grandpa and Grandma Way! I so enjoyed talking with you both and getting to know you better. We'll remember this time fondly for many years!

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