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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Jeddie's Finds

post by Mommy H.

What better treasures are there for boys living on the edge of woods, than to find a host of creatures?
Jedidiah and Tobias have spent some of their outside time this summer hunting for and feeding spiders!

This particular one built its web by our path out back, and Jeddie was quick to recognize it as one in the field guide:  a Black and Yellow Argiope.  The boys love to catch insects and drop them in the webs and watch the spiders feed.  God's works are amazing!

Later that day, Jedidiah found a turtle in the woods.  He couldn't resist bringing it home to observe it better.
Mr. Turtle, however, had no intentions of being overly friendly.  He holed up in his shell and remained unsociable until he was returned to the woods.

What will they bring home next?
What natural treasures have you found this summer?

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