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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Oliver and Jedidiah run the Rolesville 5K

by Mama H.

On November 8, Oliver and Jeddie were up bright and early to run the Road to Rolesville 5K race.

Oliver had run it a couple of times before, once with Arianne.  This year, he thought he'd take a relaxing run (after the trail marathon) and see if he could improve his 5K time.

And they're off!

Oliver flies in....
  He ended up winning 1st place in his age category and 4th place over all.  Methinks the trail marathon training helped quite a bit.

Here comes Jeddie!

 Jedidiah finished, though there were so many boys in his age group he did not place.  Not bad though, considering he didn't train for it much, and was just recovering from a sprained ankle.

                                                                  Good job, men!

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