...............The Hellwig Family

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Family skate

Elliot is a young man of few wants.  His preferred birthday gift this year was for the family to go skating together.... so that is exactly what we did.
Elliot and Christianna

Oliver had always been the one to bring each of us skating, one-on-one, so most of us have had a bit of practice, but he's had the most practice!
Oliver helps Benaiah

Tobias skates toward Arianne

Christianna finds new friends when she skates

Every.single.Hellwig in the family made it there that day!  Even Timothy!

Gabrielle decided not to skate just yet, so she took pictures:
Timothy and I

Timothy, Arianne, Elliot, Christianna, Tobias, Benaiah, me,Jedidiah, and Oliver

Now, what is an ice-skating party without an ice-cream afterwards?  (Answer: a lovely one, but made even sweeter with a treat!)


While waiting for a treat,  my eldest and youngest posed with "bears."

Aaaaah... the treats are here!

Arianne and Christianna
Arianne and Benaiah

And Arianne with the birthday boy!
Not everyone there got a picture.... maybe next time!
                           Happy Birthday Elliot!