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Thursday, December 31, 2015

An Athletic Saturday

by Lisa H.

What do a 10-mile trail race and a CrossFit Festivus Games competition have in common?

For the Hellwigs, they happened on the same day!


Elliot participated in a CrossFit Festivus Game challenge in October, spending the whole day at the gym.    He seemed to fly through Burpees... and lunges and sit-ups. 

Oliver, earlier that morning,  ran a 10-mile trail race:


Keep running!
Finished in great time!  Faster than expected!

A 10 mile race for one of us, and one who worked hard in the Festivus;
A day of athletics for two of us, with lots of cheering from the rest of us.
(Rhyme originally unintended... but I just HAD to finish it! )

Good work, Hellwig men!

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