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Monday, October 15, 2007

An Enlightening Sermon

Posted by Gabrielle

On Sunday ( 10/15), Dan Horn, one of the four elders of Hope Baptist Church brought us a wonderful message titled: He is a Jew who is one Inwardly from Romans 2: 17-29.
I want to mention a few points from this sermon that stood out to me.
1. The Jews of Jesus' time had adopted a model of godliness, therefore appearing to be righteous, but they denied the existence of God in their hearts.
2. The Indulgences of the Roman Catholic church were a form of theft; ' I have the power to pardon you from your sin and I'm selling it.'
3. Many go to church all their lives, having no relationship with God whatever, but still believe they are right with God because they observed an outward form of godliness. Knowing about God is not enough; we need to submit to Him as our Savior and truly know Him as our Father.
4. Neither circumcision ( the OT sign of being a Jew) nor baptism save you; they are an outward confession of an inward conversion.' It is what is in the heart that matters.
5. The Reformers developed the doctrine of the Visible and Invisible churches. The Visible church is made up of those who profess to know God, such as the NT Jews. The Invisible church is comprised of those who have truly put their faith and trust in Christ.

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