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Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Fishy Experience

Posted by Gabrielle

A couple of days ago we had the exciting experience of preparing a fish for baking and it was a very interesting experience, especially to the younger members of our household. The first step in the process was to cut off the sharp scales so that they wouldn't be in our way when working with the fish. A Red Snapper fresh from Lowe's Foods
After we trimmed off the fins it was time for
a cold bath to make it easier to take the scales off.
Scraping the scales off
Preparing it for baking included removing all
the little bones.

And, the finished product! Yumm!


Hannah Koch said...

I like the pictures. I have never seen anyone do that in real life and likewise I have never eaten a fish prepared from that stage. Is it good?? :D

Hannah Koch

hellwig said...

Yes, Hannah
It was delicious, though unfortunately just one fish among nine people did not go far. :)