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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Benaiah in the Sandbox

Posted by Gabrielle

Yesterday afternoon was a nice, sunny and pleasantly warm afternoon, perfect for Benaiah to play in the sandbox.
"Here, let me see those for a minute." to Elliot who was trimming the grass around the sandbox that the lawnmower can't reach.
"Sand is so much fun especially when...
...I can dump it on my feet!"
"My first taste of sand and I'm not so sure I like it."
"But, sand on my hand is more interesting."
"Arianne, come and get me. I'm all sandy!"

Also, we put shoes on Benaiah for the first time yesterday and he screamed until he walked around in them a bit and got used to them!


Mark Sohmer said...

Adorable photos!

He screamed over the shoes, eh? Too bad you don't have Chinese squeek shoes! Those are VERY POPULAR in China. They have a little squeeker in them, like what you find in a dog toy, so every time the toddler steps, it makes a squeek. I think they're cute, but it can drive adults batty hearing all the squeeking. We brought some home with us from China when we adopted Gabriella, but she has long outgrown them.

I wonder how Benaiah would react to squeek shoes???

with love in Christ,

Mr. Sohmer (and family)

Kerri said...

Too cute! I thought that Jed would have freaked out over shoes since he had such a thing about textures. However he took right to them. weird. Looks like a lot of fun in the sand box, and a lot of birthday fun as well (last post). You guys have awesome birthdays! We do a birthday dinner and so far all children have picked out having a regular birthday cake. I may have to convince them to think outside the box.