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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Four Striped Boys!

Posted by Gabrielle
The four little boys wore their matching striped pajamas last night and who can resist a bunch of pictures!
Benaiah, Tobias, Jedidiah and Elliot
Benaiah with big brother Elliot
Best of Friends!
A dogpile-what do you expect from four little boys?
The dogpile-front view
A 'swarm'of boys!
Benaiah inspecting big brother Toby's argyle socks

P.S. They didn't have any in Timothy's size or he might be in the pictures too! ;)

1 comment:

Mark Sohmer said...

Great photos!

But I want to see Timothy and Oliver in their striped jammies too!!! ;)

with love,

Mark (and the Sohmer Family)