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Monday, November 10, 2008

A Sunny Afternoon Outside!

by Gabrielle

This afternoon was just too beautiful of a day to resist some time outside. And when any number of the Hellwig family members get together outside with a photographer...you'll see what happens below...
Another precious picture of Benaiah and Christianna
"You give me those and I'll give you this."
Hammering the tee (into the rock)!
Putting the golf ball on the tee and...
Benaiah makes the hit!
Our busy little boy off to...
climb the porch steps!
Beware the sniper fire from ping-pong ball shooters!
Jedidiah introduces Benaiah to firearms...
and the proper use thereof!
This is the family where the dead...
come suddenly to life!
Elliot instructs his fellow soldiers from the field.

Notice the blue sneakers Benaiah is wearing in the first few pictures. They were very cute but much too small for his fat little feet so we changed them to his little yellow boots which he is wearing in the later pictures. Still so cute!!!!!!!!

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