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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Our Second Snow this Winter!!!!

by Gabrielle

This past Tuesday morning we woke up to...SNOW!...lots of it already fallen and still snowing! By the end of the day we had about 3 in. and the last little patches of ice are pretty much melted today.

Here are the pictures:
Our pretty backyard!
We had to bring down bins from the attic to get all our snow things. Weren't we smart to put our winter things in the attic at the beginning of winter? ;) Here Tobias and Benaiah are surveying our clothes that we laid out to make sure that we had everything for everyone.
We had to stuff Benaiah into his snowpants that were too small for him around the middle.
After that came the jacket that was...
dress-length on him!
Jedidiah is ready to go!
Benaiah, in quest of a hat to wear outside, brought Mommy one of his summer hats that is too small for him. That was very cute!
Time for the boots!
Jedidiah is enjoying sledding!
And Tobias is enjoying a mid-morning snack!
Down goes Elliot into...
the brush at the bottom of the hill!
This was the beginning of a snowball fight. While Arianne was chasing Tobias with a snowball, what was Elliot doing?
He was filling Arianne's sled with snow.
Me~photo courtesy of Elliot, budding photographer.

Watch for more pictures soon. Mommy got a lot of us outside, especially of Benaiah so as soon as the film gets developed I will try to post some of the ones of cute Benaiah going sledding with Arianne.

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Angel Cole said...

I loved the picture of Mommy and Benaiah! I've missed you all and it was fun to see you