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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Great Corn-Husking

Posted by Gabrielle

Recently, one of our sweet neighbors gave us two buckets of fresh-picked, un-husked corn, and we had a great time shucking it on the front porch. Thank you so much, Wards!

Timothy, Benaiah, Arianne, Tobias and Elliot starting in on the first bucket.
Tobias examining the corn. I was appointed the official worm remover. Whenever Jedidiah or Tobias found a worm on an ear, I would hear "Gabrielle, here." and find myself staring at a fat green or brown worm. Hmm...maybe it's time to teach them to be men.
Benaiah enjoyed his first corn-husking!
'Buddy' was happily ensconced on the bench with an ear of corn when I came back after a while to take more pictures. Doesn't look too worked up about it, though.
All five boys, and the beginning of the great corn-husk fight.
Jedidiah being chased by Elliot with a handful of corn husks.
Jedidiah and Timothy
Some wonderful young men I know had to clean up not only the porch, but...

the yard and driveway too!

And our finished product: two bowls of corn!

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