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Monday, July 13, 2009

Our 4th of July

Posted by Gabrielle

My apologies for not posting sooner. A busy schedule has made life rather hectic. But here is a picture post of our fourth.

We recently watched the Moody Science video "City of the Bees" and remembered the part talking about giving a bee honey or sugar water to help it fly again when it becomes exhausted. So, that morning, we were delighted (well, not for the sake of the bee ;)) to actually find a bee in such a state on my zinnia flowers. So we gave it a spoon of honey. It drank the whole thing and flew away a half hour later.

Introducing: Moby Melon! Mommy made a much anticipated watermelon carving for us; a certain act which she has not done for many years. So this was new for all the younger children.
Here she is, with Jedidiah watching, drawing the face.
Very cute!
He likes it!

Here are some pictures of the Rolesville fireworks. They don't last for long, only about ten minutes, but worth seeing nonetheless.
The next four are in black and white due to a slight oversight on the part of a Hellwig videographer(who shall remain unnamed ;)) who last took a video in black and white and forgot to put it back, but they are a sampling of some of our favorite ones, still!

Part of the grand finale!

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Sheby Sohmer said...

I've been reading about honeybees both to myself and the kids lately and want to start beekeeping. They really are so interesting! Do you know that in the height of honey production a bee will only live about 6 weeks? These ladies literally work themselves to death and die of exhaustion! Talk about never letting one's light go out!