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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Great Battle or The Knight and his Lady

Posted by Gabrielle

In a fair kingdom far, far away, a lady and her retinue was waylaid by a vicious and cruel band of soldiers.
As she lay by the roadside, her fair knight passes by, and, seeing the evil deed, is greatly wroth.
Vowing revenge upon those who harmed her, and greatly troubled in spirit, he sets out to do battle with those who attacked his lady.
Lo! Knight and attacker battle bravely, but the fair defender has not a chance.
Happening upon the scene of the gory strife, the fair lady sees her knight lying cold and still by the road. Her scalding tears fall upon his battered form.

Her bitter tears fall not in vain. The brave and doughty knight is brought back to consciousness by his fair lady's sobs and tears.
And he lives a long life hereafter, promoting peace and justice, and protecting the weak and defenseless of the land!

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