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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Some Pictures of our Garden this Summer

Posted by Gabrielle

Well, I just remembered a few pictures I had of us starting our garden this past April, so I thought I'd post them. It was a good experimental garden, enough for us to realize the soil wasn't quite as good as we thought...but that can be fixed! :)

A view of our garden area
And another view of the gardeners!
The classic farmer pose
Timothy hoeing the strawberries

This is the story of the farmer guy who didn't build a proper gate in his fence!
Good job on the fence building, but...
one thing!
When you must get in, you'll need to do a little dance over the gate. First one leg...
and then the other,
and assuming you haven't spilled all your dirt in the process, you're ready to go!
Great job, farmer "dude"!
~Garden pictures by Arianne!~

These were the first fruits of the garden: Christie's radishes in June!!!

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