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Friday, November 20, 2009

Finally...Pictures of our finished Regency dresses!!!

Posted by Gabrielle

Back in October I finished our girls' first regency dresses in three weeks, just in time for our family Christmas portrait!

I used Mrs. Chancey's Regency dress pattern, and loved it!!! It was a great learning experience, and a lot of fun to make! The biggest modification I made was drafting the overskirt pattern from some other similar dresses I've seen.
Yours truly!
All three of us! This one's going to be printed and framed for our room! ;)

~Thank you for taking the gorgeous pictures, Erica!~


{ jessica } said...

Great work!! They are beautiful :)

Marqueta said...

Such beautiful dresses, on such beautiful young ladies! I popped over here from the S&S message board~you have such a lovely family.

I have four daughters, the oldest being 12. I can't wait for them to be sewing up their own dresses, too!



Ashley Nicole said...

How lovely! You did a great job on dresses!

Simplyvintage from S&S Board.