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Friday, December 11, 2009

Photo Shoot with the Boys

Posted by Gabrielle

My deepest apologies for the long silence from this end of the country. ;) We are all well and experiencing the usual Christmas business.

Following our girl's photo shoot in our dresses, we decided to do one with all the boys for various projects, and just for fun! The results were just too fun not to post! Enjoy!

All the boys of the Hellwig clan!

And a few pictures for bonus points! :)

First, we tried before lunch, but Benaiah was inconsolable and would not smile. Not even gleeful "Beebo" could comfort him.

But, we tried again after lunch and it was a breeze, especially when we added certain favored little-boy toys such as sticks and pinecones. :)

I will be posting some more soon, so "stay tuned"!

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