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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Texas Trip-Visiting the National Museum of the Pacific War

Posted by Gabrielle

Finally, the post about the Nimitz Museum. This one was so much fun! Thank you so much, Gan and Granmary, for helping us to visit!!!

Reading the displays. This one was food for thought for we older ones, but the little boys were getting restless.
Jedidiah, Elliot and Tobias waiting for the submarine display to open.
They had a submarine in here and recreated the sights and sounds of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, complete with radio broadcasts, flashes of explosions, blasts and a light-animated missile shooting across the floor. :) The little boys loved this one and we stayed to watch it several times.
Benaiah got down on the floor to look under the submarine...very cute!
Jedidiah, Christianna, Arianne, Tobias and Elliot reading the display for an actual WWII airplane.
Submarine periscopes were a hit with the little boys who were tall enough to reach it, especially as they spotted a ship on the horizon. ;)
This one gave me a start at first...but these kinds of planes actually flew. ;)
Examining a crashed Japanese airplane. To add to the effect, the background behind it would change colors every few seconds. I happen to have captured this one in periwinkle, but I have several others in green, red and yellow.
Benaiah sure was enjoying the hands-on, "little boy friendly" parts of the museum!!!
Watching the video in ease
In the Combat Zone. This was an actual boat that has been preserved. It is made out of mahogany, so is kept in a climate-controlled room. It was fascinating to examine, and much bigger than I had ever imagined these could be.
Who'd like to ride a horse like that?! :)
Captain Jed eating an apple
Captain Elliot
Captain-ess Christianna
Captain-ess Arianne
We spent much of our days in Texas at the home of the Verniers, who hosted the business meeting my father was on. Thank you, Vernier family!

That evening, the Courters and Verniers gave us a positively delightful concert! Thank you so much; it was such a blessing.

More pictures from the Museum on pages 5-8 of my Texas Trip photobucket album

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