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Monday, February 1, 2010

Texas Trip-Gulf of Mexico and The Falls Park

Posted by Gabrielle

The last day of our traveling!

We stopped to dip our feet in the Gulf of Mexico, in Biloxi, MS. Unfortunately, it was a little too cold and messy to literally do so this time around.
The beautiful ocean view
Mommy, Benaiah and Jedidiah drawing in the sand
Benaiah had something to learn about throwing sand and the way it falls...
But it looks like he had a fun time anyway! :)
Jedidiah, Timothy, Arianne, Tobias, Mommy and Daddy enjoying the beautiful beach.

We stopped at a park in Greenville, SC on our way home that day. It was very pretty and well worth the visit.
A lovely view of the bridge we walked on
Gazing at the waterfall-Tobias, Mommy, Benaiah , Elliot and I
Pretty falls. The sound sensation was even better!
A view from the bridge
A lawn along one of the many little pathways we strolled along
This was too cute not to post-Jedidiah, Benaiah and Timothy on the park bench swing
Timothy and Buddy-Boy
This amazing tree had only half its roots embedded in the soil, and the rest were growing down the side of the hill. We were surprised it was still standing, but then, we've seen plentyof unusual trees on this trip. :)
Cute Toby!
The little boys loved watching a flock of ducks in the stream below the bridge.
A fine specimen of a...duck!!! :)
And, a snapshot of southern scenery taken while driving.

More pictures on pages 1-4 of my Texas Trip photobucket album

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