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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Our Second Snow this Winter!!!

Posted by Gabrielle

This past Friday evening, we had our second snowfall of the winter!!! Wow!!! So of course, we spent Saturday morning enjoying it. The last snow was sledding snow, whereas this was "snowman" snow. Variation is always fun! :)
Arianne, Benaiah, Elliot the hambone and Tobias(the one who is always eating snow!)
Benaiah and Tobias on their snow "horses"
My snowman
Jedidiah and Elliot goofing off
Jedidiah is proud of his snowball!!! I'm proud of my cute brothers!!! :)
Toby being funny for the camera
In the three years we've been here, this is my second "official" picture of our house in the snow.
Arianne and Elliot being silly together
Benaiah being just plain ol' cute!!!
Who can deny that I have the cutest, funniest little brothers?! :)

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