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Friday, July 2, 2010

Dead On the Day of Great Enterprises

Posted by Gabrielle

Thursday was one of those days you don't forget for a long time; the day our Dodge van decided it was time for a break while it was on duty.

It was shopping day and we were five miles or so out from home (too far to walk back but just close enough to make it really frustrating) when the van died, due to a failed fuel pump. After having called AAA, we spent about two hours sitting on the side of the road, waiting for the tow truck.

Lo and behold, who came by but a man from our church who gave Daddy a ride back home to get the other van! While they were gone, the tow truck came and the little boys enjoyed watching the man getting a 15-passenger van up onto a truck almost as big as itself.

So, about two hours late, we were back on the road, headed for grocery shopping, thankfully with the remainder of the day incident free.

Yesterday, to make a long story short, our sewer pump failed as we were preparing to have guests for dinner, and we are currently awaiting a new one.

As these "trials" come upon us, we remember just how much we have to be thankful for!

  • Cool weather. These past few days have been unusually cool for the beginning of July in North Carolina, so waiting around outside for a while on Thursday morning was far from unpleasant weather-wise.
  • Laughter. Some people (we'll mention no names ;) had some time on their hands while waiting for the tow truck. Ever heard the acronym Found On the Road Dead for Ford? Unfortunately, since it was our Dodge van that died, not our Ford van, we had to think of something else. Enter Dead On the Day of Great Enterprises for Dodge! ;)
  • For fellow brethren in Christ who will see a brother in need and stop to help.
  • Friends at church who have experience with plumbing and will come out at a call.
  • Flowers, God's marvelous works of nature!

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Elaine J. Dalton said...

Good gosh Ella! Something like that happened to us on our way home from church one Sunday, except we never made it out of the parking lot. Our pastor took Dad home who came back with the van and then when we got back home we didn't have the house-key so Adam was sent inside through the dog door to open the slider while Dad went back to get the key. That was around the time that our turkey adopted us. And sewage problems!! I'm not gonna even go there dearest! It's good that you're keeping a positive attitude however, keep it up Ella!!! :)