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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Why I Have Been Absent From the World of Blogging

Posted by Gabrielle

Real life has been catching up to me! Surprise! Real life isn't all about blogging, though blogging should be a part of real life. ;) In other words, real life has been dictating that I take a break off blogging to get some other endeavors "off the ground" as it were. Between school (yes, I am working a full school schedule this summer), learning to drive our great blue behemoth (though even driving lessons have been suspended for lack of time these past couple weeks), sewing, helping out with the upkeep of the still empty house next door, writing for Daddy's insurance website, and beginning my etsy shop, I've been too busy to blog!

I will try, in these next two weeks or so, to write a little more about what we've been busy with lately, with pictures. In the meantime, do check out Jasmine Baucham's latest post on the Newly Joyfully at Home! I found it very thought-provoking and convicting...What do you think?

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