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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cowboy turned Colonial Gentleman

Posted by Gabrielle

For his 3rd birthday last year, Benaiah was given a handsome cowboy hat. He loves hats, especially this one and his 'workerman hat.'

It seems that after our recent trip to Colonial Williamsburg, Benaiah was smitten with the tri-cornered hats as he wasted no time in asking a sibling to bend his cowboy hat into a tri-cornered hat!

~pictures by Arianne~ 

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Elaine J. Dalton said...

He is so cute! :) Which sibling did he rope into altering his hat for him?

My youngest brother wears a baseball cap all the time {although he does have to switch out a dirty hat with a clean one every now and then}; my Dad wears the same style of hat. My second to youngest brother has a large felt cowboy hat which he wears outside a lot {it keeps the rain out of his face when he's doing his chores}, the oldest of my three brothers doesn't always wear a hat but lately he's been wearing this camoflage colored hat that has a long flap of cloth which keeps the back of his neck and ears dry. My mom and sister don't always wear hats unless it's cold outside and I have the cutest dark blue Fedroa or whatever it's called {a "gangster hat" as my sibs have titled it} which I like wearing into town or around the house alternatively. ;)