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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Painting day

by Mama H.
It was a picture perfect day in NC today, and to take a break from chores and lessons, Christianna, Elliot, Jedidiah, Tobais and Benaiah decided to do some painting. While Gabrielle, Timothy and Arianne participated in our local Walk for Life event this morning, we brought out the water colors and "hair pencils" (as Benaiah likes to call them.... he's been reading about Benjamin West!) and set to it.

Benaiah and Tobias comparing notes (strokes?)
(Mama Grinch likes painting outside. )
The whole group
Mixing colors....

Benaiah contemplating his work....

Christianna concentrating.....

Elliot and Jedidiah both bent over their creations...

" Oooops! I have green fingers!"

And the results :

Jedidiah and his "For Rent Sign House, at night, with Chimney Smoke"; and "The Tornado."

Tobias : "Angus and Toasty" and "Tornado in the Cactus" (hmmm, I detect a theme, here!)

Christianna : "The Treed Cat"

Elliot : " Walk for Life"

Benaiah : "A Three-year-old paint Sampler" (I've seen "modern art" that hardly rivals this one for action and color!)
It's so much fun to paint. Perhaps we'll have another paint day soon.

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