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Friday, June 24, 2011

Blue Ridge Mountains Trip - Day 1

Posted by Gabrielle

Early Monday morning, June 6th, we started out for a three-day camping trip in the Blue Ridge Mountains. This was our second trip to the area and we prepared with much anticipation.

Our happy little camper, complete with his lamb, Zadok, and a beloved animal cracker.

A new use for rest-stop picnic benches - pushups!

Our campsite by the lake

A view of the lake from our campsite

Christianna enjoying the quiet beauty of the lake

Timothy and Elliot, with Jedidiah standing by, setting up the tents

Mommy, Benaiah, and Elliot enjoying the lake

Ambushed by guerilla fighters!

Benaiah climbing trees and enjoying the view

After setting up camp, and it being late afternoon with not a lot to do there, we headed down to the beautiful little park in the nearby town of Blowing Rock. It's a quaint little town with it's streets lined with small shops where people walk to their shopping instead of driving, but they have the funnest park, as we discovered last time.

Blowing Rock, the quaint little mountain town we stayed at.

The little gazebo on the pond

Watching the ducks and fish in the pond

The fountain

First, there was just one duck

Then, we noticed three others on the opposite shore who soon took to the water like...

well...ducks! :)

Elliot, Christianna, Timothy, and Jedidiah playing horseshoes

And we all played tennis!

Jedidiah and

Tobias enjoyed the bars!

And I think Benaiah enjoyed having the sandbox to himself

Resting and Talking

Day 2 coming soon...

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Elaine J. Dalton said...

Looks like you guys had a blast on your first day! I especially like the picture where everyone is leaning over the railing looking at the ducks and fish. ;)