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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Weekend with the Family - Part 2

Posted by Gabrielle

Friday night of our weekend with the relatives brought a much-anticipated trip to a special, local French restaurant. This wasn't just any French restaurant - It was a fancy one, and the owner, a French man too, came out and talked with us. I would have given a lot to understand what he and our other French-speaking family members said that evening. :)

 Beautiful carnations at our table

Most of the loud laughing and goofiness came from this area of the table that evening

Two family hams...

My appetizer - a delicious tomato basil salad with olives and croutons - delicious!

Benaiah was even brave enough to try escargot as part his appetizer. And for those of you not initiated into French culture, escargot are...snails!

This was so sweet to watch...the owner cut up Benaiah's dinner for him! :)

 Meme and Pepe's desserts even came on 'Happy Anniversary' (in French!) plates with a candle!
And the crowning glory to dessert was a miniature French wedding cake, made out of cream puffs.

And, you didn't think we'd forget a family picture, did you? Of course not! But, arranging 15 people for a group picture took some time.

 Happy 60th anniversary, Pepe and Meme!

Stay tuned for exciting Part 3 of our weekend with our relatives coming soon...

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