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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Morning at the Park

Posted by Gabrielle

During a recent visit to a friend's house, we took some time out in the morning to visit the park while she and Mommy talked. It was a lovely morning - perfect for all sorts of fun! I'll let the pictures speak here. :)

We found a long piece of rope, which naturally suggested a game of jump rope. Elliot caught Christie in mid-jump - good job Elliot!

Sitting in wait for the next hapless victim to come down the slide unawares


Pictures with the dragon

My lovely sister Christianna

Hard at work

Another little 'worker-man'

More pictures with the dragon!

This reminded me of Spiderman! Elliot was on top of the slide and I took this picture looking down the slide the way you'd go down with the sun coming through the top

In the fortress

I can't believe I got the chance to catch this picture! Psst...don't tell anyone...yours truly tried one of these too. :)

Someone's having fun!

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