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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Weekend with the Family - Part 3

Posted by Gabrielle

The final climax of our weekend with the family in June was a Saturday evening outdoor celebration with friends for Pepe and Meme's 60th anniversary.

The beautiful wedding cake some dear friends made. Thank you, Valenti family! This cake was absolutely delicious, with each layer being a different layer - the top was coffee, the middle coconut, and the bottom lemon.

Our neighbor across the street kindly lent us his RV shelter to hold the party under, and lots of chairs. It was a 100+ degree afternoon that Saturday, so we took lots of breaks in the course of setting up.

Benaiah - one happy little boy!



Tonton Michael and Tata Becky looking through the photo album we put together

Cutting the cake...

Jedidiah and Tobias had the privilege of manning the drinks table, which included keeping the pitchers of fruit punch and water filled, with of course a frequent break for a cold drink themselves!

And more friends!

We had a wonderful turnout, with about 50-60 good friends of theirs, with lots of food and fellowship. Of course, there was a circle of men!

While decorating the shelter earlier in the afternoon, we realized we needed a welcome mat. My doormat from the basement fit the bill! :)

 And of course, a Kaufman/Hellwig family picture was in order! Thank you Claytons for the pictures!

 It was such a blessing being able to celebrate my grandparent's 60 years of marriage which is so rare these days. Happy Anniversary, Pepe and Meme!

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