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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Made-For-Trade Day

Posted by Gabrielle

This Saturday morning was our first made-for-trade of the year. A family at our church hosts this event where everyone brings things homemade, homebaked or homegrown and points are assigned to everything. Then we go and shop for things with those points. As we haven't done it since last summer, today's was very fun. You can see more pictures and videos of what we actually do at the made-for-trade blog.

I actually had a chance to take a few pictures, so here they are!
Arianne found herself a baby, cute Caleb!
Arianne and Christianna choosing what to get from the crafts table.
Timothy took care of Benaiah most of the time so we ladies could shop. There were rides for the little children.
Well, it doesn't quite look like Benaiah enjoyed it at first.
But Jedidiah enjoyed his rides and popcorn!
Benaiah had fun playing with the animals and getting very muddy.
Cute boy!

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