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Monday, March 9, 2009

Friday Afternoon- Our First Tree Felling in NC

Posted by Gabrielle

Two observations about this post:
Yes, we used to fell trees all the time in NH when we had lots of trees but this is our first one here, and, this post is one of the rare few that are not all about Benaiah!
This was after the first winch broke leaving the tree mostly cut through. Because it was a windy day we all left the house-just in case. And that included waking up three little boys who had just gone to nap!
This was about as close as I could get, but this was Timothy tightening the bigger winch.
Timmmbeeerrrr! The grand moment.
Surveying the fallen tree and...
the stump.
This was also Benaiah's first time seeing us fell a tree. He wasn't so sure about it at first.
Christianna's wonderful assortment of chips.
Of course Elliot had to do something funny- he found himself a set of antlers!
Jedidiah's big smile, or maybe it was the big bite he took out of his slice of watermelon!
Tobias found a piece bigger than his head.
The fallen tree.
That's a nice picture. This was as many as we could possibly fit on that stump, otherwise I would have been in the picture.
The sort of work that makes men!

Also, the Hellwig blogger's most sincere apologies for neglecting to post the results of the poll back in February. In case you are wondering, the results were: 10 positive votes! We were surprised that we had that many readers! We're glad you like our new theme. Are there other things you would like to see us post about? Do you have any comments or suggestions on how we could improve our blog or entertain our readers? Drop us a comment; we'd love to hear from you!

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Luke Austin Smith said...

Wow...looks like fun! We miss y'all!